SMATE Soundbar Light Series

The SMATE Soundbar provides you with that extra bit of volume where TV’s lack these days. I would love to see more digital inputs on the soundbar which is lacking but an RCA to Optical adaptor inside the box.

The SMATE Soundbar is a great soundbar if you are on a budget but if you need more inputs are surround sound then it’s worth saving your money.

More Info: https://www.smate.com.au/product/smate-light-series-soundbar-sm1sb2-1/?gclid=CjwKCAiAksvTBRBFEiwADSBZfO_6scD0b9nVMUoTT05h_Cj5-RcRSqo5t5vzsKA1jzdToNu4afCuGhoCsWoQAvD_BwE

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